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About is a portal for Africans and Caribbeans (blacks) to connect with business owners from the African and Caribbean (black) community. At we aim to be the most comprehensive resource website for the African and Caribean community in Canada. At this time while Toronto has a lot of information concerning these business, we believe that there is plenty of room for improvement.

Thousands of people are searching the internet daily for different business targeted to the African or Caribbean communities. A search for "African Businesses in Ottawa" would lead you to us on ony search engine. We aim to continue to provide relevant information to members of our community.

Please tell us about new businesses
It is impossible for us to keep track of all the new business that are starting up daily in the community, therefore we would like you to please send us information about new businesses and we would confirm them and place them on this site so that others can benefit. Click here to recommend a business.

How do we pay our bills?
All the content on this website is free, but it cost money to keep the site going. Many people have asked us how we pay the bills. The adverts on this site are not free. Google Ads are at present our only source of income. If you have found this site useful, the best way to support us financially is to recommend this site to all your friends and family members. If more people are using this site, then we can keep the site up because more people will find the adverts useful and that translates to some funds to keep the site going.

Who are the people behind
The main person behind is Ade Sobanjo an Electrical Engineer. He is assisted by Tolu Ogunsina and others members of the community who volunteer their services from time to time. Afropages was first launched by 3 Engineers - Richard Ojeleye, Namso Akpanudoh and Ade Sobanjo and since then it has been going from one level to the other.








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