Afropages Toronto


Welcome to Toronto!

Afropages is a directory of businesses run by people of African, Caribbean, or Hatian (black) origin or targeted to these people. The businesses listed on this website are business located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Afropages is currently available in both Toronto and Montreal. Our goal is to promote businesses run by people of African decent (black people) and at the same time inspire similar pioneering spirit in the younger generations. Click here to add your business to this website and reach millions of people world wide for FREE.

If you have started a new business, opened an office or a store front, Toronto is a fast and cost effective (FREE) way of getting your store or business noticed by the African and Caribbean (black) communities.

Please note that your business must be located witihin Toronto and its immediate environs. If your business is locared in other cities, please contact us and we would let you know what we can do to help.





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